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  • > Coordinates: Magtel
  • > Investigative Agencies: Universidad de Córdoba


The main purpose of SUNWALKER is to carry out the functional prototyping of an autonomous robotic application support for the maintenance of photovoltaic technology solar plants. The purpose of this application is to detect faults and anomalies in the photovoltaic modules that make up such plants and is based on a thermographic analysis.



Technical specifications

Coordination: Magtel

Research groups: University of Córdoba

Category: R&D&I


Primary innovative elements

  • Processing of massively parallel embedded computer systems for the detection of faults in photovoltaic modules.
  • Synchronisation algorithm and concurrence between predefined GPS trajectory, the information captured through ultrasound sensors and the identification of the photovoltaic plate.
  • Development of parallel algorithms for the recognition and identification of faulty plates through the images captured with thermal sensors
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