Our target: zero accident rate


Permanent commitment to prevention


Annual training hours

of ongoing training on OHS

Our priority

At Magtel, working in safe environments is essential for workers’ well-being and overall business efficiency. We have a comprehensive and strict management system that safeguards our professionals’ prevention and protection.

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is a permanent priority objective for Magtel. All company workers have a firm commitment to comply with the safety measures required to properly perform their jobs and ensure the safety of their workmates.

The OHS Division works jointly with all Magtel divisions to identify risks and establish actions that help prevent any possible accidents. Always with the target of achieving a zero-accident rate.

Integrated Management System

Based on the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, our Integrated Management System complements Magtel’s activities on OHS.

The certificates that endorse its optimal operation are contained in our Quality section.

Inspection and self-regulation 

Our Magtel Joint Prevention Service undertakes intensive inspection and self-regulation tasks for all projects developed. All works executed by Magtel are inspected by company technicians with extensive OHS experience.

We have a safety inspection system developed specifically by the Magtel OHS team following the IPAL method (occupational accident prevention index). Via this system, preventive and individualised inspections are conducted depending on the job position and risk type, along with specific inspections to check” compliance with the established measures.

Magtel’s implementation of the IPAL System received recognition from the Andalusian Confederation of Businesspeople as a best practice for the protection of people at work. We also received second place at the third Zaldívar Scholastic Awards, with which Fraternidad-Muprespa honours companies with a notable commitment to OHS.