First Andalusian company certified

by AENOR in energy management

Certified quality


management systems

Magtel’s management systems have been certified in accordance with the most renowned international standards, which endorse the excellence and quality of its services. The Management Systems and Continuous Improvement Division works jointly with all divisions to uphold the number and level of certificates and keep increasing them.

At present, Magtel has systems certified for quality, environment, occupational safety & health, energy management, information security and R&D&I management. View the scope of application of each certificate here.

More quality certificates


The company implemented a management system aligned with the standard PECAL/AQAP 2120 (Quality Assurance Requirements for Production), officially approved by the Spanish Ministry of Defence, which guarantees Magtel’s solvency in providing this body with services in the fields of electrical and telecommunication infrastructure and the related supplying of materials and spare parts.

HALAL certification

Magtel is the first Spanish company in its sector certified with the Halal Guarantee Certificate. The quality seal is recognised worldwide and guarantees that the characteristics of our services fulfil the terms established in regulations by the Halal Institute. This is a pioneering process in our market, achieved after a complete audit that encompassed an analysis of all company processes.

Customer centric

Satisfaction and assessment

Magtel works with customer satisfaction as one of its main business targets, always aiming to respond to their needs and fulfil their expectations. This translates into very high loyalty from the organisations and people that trust in our company.

Every year, our Management Systems and Continuous Improvement Division creates questionnaires and conducts interviews on customers’ level of satisfaction. This ensures that they have a deeper understanding of how the company operates and that they detect any processes and services that may require strengthening. According to the latest study conducted (2022), our customers rated our services 8,52 out of 10.

Management policy

Quality is at the centre of all of Magtel’s activities and is not something that can be negotiated. All of our hard work must be aimed at achieving it.