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Overhead Power Line Infrastructure

Overhead Power Line Infrastructure
  • > Developed for: Fecsa- Endesa
  • > Location: Gerona (Spain)
  • > Meters of cable deployed: 16,000

Overhead Power Line Infrastructure

Specifically, the project has considered the deployment of 16,000 metres of medium voltage (25 kv – LA 110/180) grid in difficult-to-access zones, such as the La Molina Ski Station, Valle de Nuria, Valle de Ribes, Valle de Mongroni or Dorria, all in Catalonia.


  • Main features
    • 16,000 metres of MV network (25 kv – LA 110/180).
    • Installation of metal towers on gradients of up to 65% by means of a helicopter.
    • Drilling of holes for the placement of plinths for towers up to 32 metres high.
    • Access on medium textured and rocky land by means of drilling and expansive cement.
    • Installation of mountain tracks and roads for vehicle access.
    • Equipment and vehicles adapted to mountain atmospheric conditions.
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