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Auditing services and quality measures for DTT signals

Auditing services and quality measures for DTT signals
  • > Location: 73 áreas geográficas repartidas en Andalucía
  • > Equipment: Varios técnicos especialistas en radio que realizan las medidas de cobertura TDT en los emplazamientos, y la anotación de valores a través de una herramienta de adquisición de datos en campo instalada en sus dispositivos móviles.

Auditing services and quality measures for DTT signals

Magtel is working on the implementation of the second digital dividend in Andalusia, which involves the relocation of digital terrestrial television (DTT) services to other frequency bands in the radio spectrum. This is a priority in order to facilitate the initial deployment of 5G.

The work consists of updating retransmission centers owned by local entities. Additionally, a coverage measurement campaign is being carried out in 73 geographical areas of the region to ensure the quality of the DTT service.

Thanks to the second digital dividend, the frequency band will be freed up for mobile network operators to deploy 5G, which is essential for them to begin offering services using this technology.

The Magtel team is currently involved in two projects related to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). In the first project, they are conducting signal quality measurements of the DTT service to verify the existing coverage, analyze possible issues in the transmission/reception of the service, and perform audits of the deployed infrastructure locations.

In the second project, through direct contracts with municipalities or local entities, the company is undertaking the maintenance and repair of local DTT centers owned by these entities.

Subsequently, a team of telecommunications engineers analyzes these measurements stored in the cloud and generates reports for verification purposes.

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