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  • > Leader:  Roessingh Research and Development (Holanda)
  • > Partners: Magtel Operaciones SLU (Spain); Macrosad (España); Zerintia Technologies (España); CiTARD Services Ltd (Chipre); Universidad de Chipre (Chipre)
  • > Co-financing: CDTI - EUREKA (Plan Eurostars-2)


European project FRAIL begins pilot testing in Andalusia with new devices among senior citizens

European project FRAIL, which Magtel participates in through the R&D&I Division, began pilot testing new devices among senior citizens in Andalusia. It seeks to prevent dependency situations among this community through information and communication technologies (ICT).

Testing in real-life environments kicked off in several retirement and care homes across Seville and Granada provinces.

Magtel was the company in charge of designing the FRAIL platform, and led the integration of all components and deployment of the system for validation in real-life environments.

FRAIL is a modular, open, interoperable platform designed to be managed from different devices (smartwatches, tablets, etc.). It promotes remote, real-time health care, fluent communications between users and caregivers, and physical exercise among the elderly.

The FRAIL platform is expected to improve users’ quality of life, health, and well-being. To do so, it combines smart detection technologies, gamification software and social support services tailored to the needs of fragile citizens through appropriate training. It deals with a number of aspects involved in frailty and care (i.e. assessment, monitoring personal conditions, social support, professional tools, etc.) to mitigate risk factors and promote a healthy lifestyle.

International consortium

Founded in late 2017 by six organisations from three countries, the consortium is supported by the EU’s Eurostars programme, through the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) under the Spanish ministry of Economy, Industry and Competition.

The project’s consortium consists of Magtel, Zerintia Technologies and Macrosad cooperative, which provides care and kindergarten services, from Spain; Dutch research centre Roessingh Research and Development (RRD); Cypriot company Citard Services Ltd., and the University of Cyprus.

You can find more information in this link.

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