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Emacsa network

Emacsa network
  • > Developed for: Emasesa
  • > Typology: 24 estaciones de calidad
  • > Location: Sevilla

Emacsa network

Magtel conducted the survey of the entire potable water distribution network in the city of Córdoba, as well as the subsequent digitalisation of geographic information system (GIS) software.


The project considered the implementation of electromagnetic sensors and pressure transmitters to help the supplier company EMACSA assess the city’s daily water demand. Therefore, the system provides an exhaustive report not only on pressure changes, but also on the changes in direction of the water flow, the quantity used and the stability of the entire system.

This is accompanied by the control software of the SCADA (Supervision Control and Data Acquisition) installation that permits the management and monitoring of the network from anywhere in the world.


Red Emacsa - Modernización y sectorización de la red de distribución de agua potable de Córdoba (España)










Principales características

  • 4,152 metres of piping installed.
  • SCADA comprehensive automation system.
  • Control of the installation from anywhere in the world.
  • Real-time indication of the network status.
  • Prediction of the network’s future behaviour through historical data.
  • 83 supply boards, 27 shut-off valves and 133 front valves.


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