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  • > Coordinates: Magtel
  • > Participants: GIE-AICIA


Implementation of artificial vision techniques for the identification, recognition and monitoring of the Iberian lynx

The RISCproject proposes the development of application verticals in Smart Cities focused on the improvement of public services (such as intelligent collection of garbage containers, intelligent lighting, etc.) from open systems with characteristics of scalability and sustainability. Account with a strong R & D component with special emphasison the development of a new model with its own strategy and architecture that adapts to current and future functionalities.





  • Development of a vertical for the intelligent illumination of the public road through the elements of adaptation to an architecture of an open IoT system (FiWare), selection and adaptation of the sensorization and control hardware, development of the adaptation middleware and of a minimum application software.
  • Creation of a new application development model for SmartCities, which includes the development of an architecture based on open standards, public ownership and efficient management and it’s sustainable.




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