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Network maintenance of Emasesa (Seville)

Network maintenance of Emasesa (Seville)
  • > Developed for: Emasesa
  • > Typology: Hydraulic Infrastructures
  • > Location: Seville Province

Network maintenance of Emasesa (Seville)

During 2022, the following works have taken place under the management of Emasesa in Seville:

Connections for Emasesa in Seville, Alcala de Guadaira, Mairena del Alcor and Dos Hermanas:

For more than 1500 users. They included supply, sewerage connections, re-establishment and disconnection of supplies.

Execution works for the operation of Emasesa’s meters and complementary works in Seville and 11 other towns:

Installation, replacement and inspection of water meters and remote reading installations, supply inspections, detection and elimination of fraud, as well as official verifications by means of portable standard meters.

Hydraulic improvement in the La Pilarica in Gines housing complex (Seville):

Replacement of sewerage and water supply networks with house connections on Narciso Mora Cano, La Pilarica, Manuel Causse Sales and
Antonio Rubio Herrera streets in the municipality of Gines (Seville). Work implemented for Aljarafesa and the Gines Town Council.

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