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  • > Coordinates: Magtel
  • > Investigative Agencies: University of Cordoba


Project for the development of a system for the management of incidents in real time related to solar thermal and photovoltaic plants


Sistema integrado a incorporar a un sensor térmico y/o termográfico de tal forma que sea: interoperable, modular, multiplataforma, multipropósito, vinculado a otros dispositivos y de la máxima actualidad.

Main objectives:

KEPHRI aims to develop an integrated system based in thermal and / or thermographic sensors that is multiplaform, multipur-pose and scalable. As a result, from a commercial point of view, a product will be obtained, both level of device as a service, to be exploited in sectors as varied as energy, agriculture, energy efficiency, etc.

Innovative Elements:

Integrated system that incorporates a thermal and / or thermo-graphic sensor in such a way that it is interoperable, modular, multiplaform, multipurpose.




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