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RA Telecom

RA Telecom
  • > Coordinates: Magtel
  • > Collaborate: ONSICOM
  • > Investigative Agencies: University of Malaga - University of Seville - University of Cordoba

RA Telecom

Platform to support the OSS / BSS Systems of the Telecommunications Operators FTTH based on Augmented Reality, Geolocation and GIS tools

The general objective of the project is the technological development of a platform of technical management that, based on the latest research in Reality Augmented, GIS technologies, flow sofworkin organizational processes industrial and data base architecture, allow to substantially improve the management of operation of operational processes and maintenance of an operator telecommunications. As a physical support and functional your fiber optic network willbe used as well as the collaboration of its staff and the “know-how” of the company.


RA Telecom Plataforma de gestión técnica que permite mejorar la gestión de procesos de operación y mantenimiento de un operador de telecomunicaciones




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