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  • > Location: Cordoba
  • > Leader: Magtel
  • > Investigative Agencies: CTIC
  • > Budget: 636.099 €
  • > Execution Time: 1/11/2017 – 31/10/2019


Integrated collaborative system based on blockchain technologies for the efficient use of energy in a smart city ecosystem




  • Implementation of blockchain in real market applications
  • Energy concept oriented to smart cities
  • Social system of donation of tokens permiando to the agents intervening for an energy-efficient behavior
  • This system is composed of two complementary and at the sametime differenciated parts:
    1. Gamification system, responsible for the promotion of good practices for energy saving among Magtel’s customers, composed by a comparative analys is of the actual consumption made by customers as sociated with a system of challenge sand distribution of points for achievements and depending on the monthly saving sachieved
    2.  A tokenization system, in charge of the valuation, management and conversion of points into prizes, integrating various actors of the SmartCity ecosystem, thanks to the use of smart contracts, tokens and distributed applications that enable blockchain technologies







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