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Hit Solar

Hit Solar
  • > Location: Andalucía
  • > Leader: Ingemont
  • > Investigative Agencies: Tecnalia
  • > Co-financing: CDTI - Feder
  • > Budget: 1.506.195,00 €
  • > Participants: Magtel, EnergyPanel
  • > Execution Time: 2018 – 2020

Hit Solar

Renewable solution for electricity generation, local heat and self-consumption management in building

HIT SOLAR integrates three of the most relevant technologies in the field of energy management of buildings currently: integration of renewables, IoT platforms and predictive control using data analytics.

The integration in a single element (SOLARPANEL) of the electrical and thermal production through solar energy is a step forward on improving the adoption of renewable energies. The optimization of generation and storage requires control strategies that are capable of predicting future production and demand scenarios.

HIT SOLAR implements a control system based on data analysis techniques and distributed IoT architectures.


  • Integration of electricity and heat production in a single element (solar panel)
  • Improving usage and integration of renewable energies
  • Optimisation of energy generation and storage





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