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  • > Location: Cordoba
  • > Leader: Magtel
  • > Investigative Agencies: University of Córdoba
  • > Budget: 328.430€
  • > Participants: SEPALO
  • > Execution Time: June 2016 - May 2018


Investigation of new matrices of current intensity sensors and development of device of measurement of electrical consumption in installations of small power

Research and development of a low cost technology that will involve the design, manufacture and preparation for its subsequent marketing of the hardware and software components that constitute the ECOSCIREsystem, oriented to the fields of energy efficiency and home automation.

Detailed information can be obtained through the device of consumption, transfer the data to the cloud and manageit for facilitate the energy audit.



The ECOSCIREsystem hardware will be composed of a modular box for DIN rail mounting (IEC60715) in which the printed circuits, display, buttons and, in general, all the electronic circuitry that integrates the equipment that occupy. In addition, it will incorporate a novel system of current intensity sensors, called the line ararray of sensor sof electric current intensity, which will allow, in an economic way, to record the measurement of the current intensity of Multiple circuits in a small space.

Finally, the ECOSCIREsystem software will guarantee the user a complete reading of multiple electrical parameters and economic, both totalized and disaggregated, related to their electricity consumption, aswell as participation in a social network that, through gamification techniques, it will promote awareness in savings and energy efficiency.




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