Nobel laureate Vargas Llosa congratulates Fundación Magtel on its social work in international cooperation


Nobel laureate Vargas Llosa congratulates Fundación Magtel on its social work in international cooperation

Vargas Llosa stresses company innovation, and social and professional integration

Winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, congratulated Fundación Magtel on its outstanding social work since 2012 in international cooperation, innovation, and social and professional integration. The Spanish-Peruvian writer, who also won the 1994 Cervantes Prize, stressed the company’s engagement and effort in improving the life of people and communities at risk of social exclusion, both in Spain and Peru.

The entire set of programmes and projects by Fundación Magtel reveals the social and humanitarian mission pursued by holding company Magtel. The Foundation prioritises international cooperation, gender equality, and job accessibility, always with a global approach in mind. Designing and driving new, social equality-oriented technologies are another set of pillars. The Foundation conducts non-profit projects and programmes on culture, social action, and the environment.

The most successful among them are training courses and workshops that ensure young adults, women, jobseekers, and people at risk of social exclusion grow and develop professionally.

Fundación Magtel carried out a number of projects in Peru, such as improving local water consumption in sustainable agriculture in Salcabamba or safeguarding the rights to food of school children through sustainable technologies in Anta district, Huancavelica.

The 2nd Fundación Magtel Awards, held in December, precisely gave away the prize for International Cooperation to the Asociación Niños del Tambo’s initiative “Promoting the rights and health of Amazonian indigenous women.

It targets indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon and seeks to attain one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.

The panel appreciated the work carried out in Satipo province, Junín, Peru, with women and children of 24 indigenous communities of the Tambo basin. They live in remote, scattered areas in the Amazonia and have no access to health care or basic training. This project aims at promoting healthcare for them, as well as their human rights to education and training.

Finally, Mr. Vargas Llosa congratulated Magtel Group on its 30th anniversary, which was celebrated in Cordoba on December 20th.