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Lima Metro

Lima Metro
  • > Developed for: Edelnor (Enel)
  • > Location: Lima (Perú)
  • > Execution Time: 18 meses

Lima Metro

Magtel will supervise the power transmission (HV) and distribution (MV/LV) infrastructure of Line 2 of the Lima Metro, assisting with works and services for Edelnor, an affiliate of Grupo Enel in Peru, for a period of 18 months.


Edelnor has commissioned Magtel to do these works because of its ability and experience in electrical infrastructure engineering and in the railway field, which represents a decisive step in the company’s consolidation in Peru.



With this contract, Magtel will participate in an emblematic work. The Lima Metro is one of the most modern railway infrastructures under construction, with 100% of its processes automated.


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