Protagonists of change for sustainable development


Protagonists of change for sustainable development

Protagonists of change for sustainable development

Martín Salgado Devincenzi

Managing Director of Magtel

The energy landscape is in the midst of a transformation and faces major challenges. We are seeing this in recent months with electricity prices and the impact that their continuous

Because we want to be protagonists of change for sustainable development. We have more than 15 years of experience in renewable energy and have participated in several developments in Spain, with practically all

rises are having on consumers and businesses. This situation is not unique to our country, quite the opposite. It affects the European Union in particular, and each country to a greater or lesser extent, depending on its legal systems and its own energy mix.

However, we are facing a scenario that will place clean energies at the centre of the generation model, as established in the European Green Deal, but which will have to face the challenges of resource manageability and economic efficiency so as not to affect the end consumer.

This model is driven by environmental sustainability for obvious reasons. Climate change is a reality that has awakened the sensitivity of governments and citizens as key to the future of our society.

For this reason, at Magtel we have been deeply committed to the fight against climate change and the development of renewable energies for more than 15 years and we consider environmental sustainability to be an essential part of our mission.

This is reflected in our strategic plan, where our strategy is geared towards equipping the various infrastructures with the most advanced technological systems to contribute to greater efficiency in the use of natural resources and to improve the quality of life for today’s and tomorrow’s society.

This means that all our activities are conducted in a sustainable manner, which motivates us to continuously raise our standards to achieve excellence. To this end, we prioritise care and respect for the environment, and we are committed to training our teams for the best pos- sible development and execution of projects.

The technologies on the market

Today, we are focusing on energy storage in all available technologies, as its manageability represents the great challenge to replace conventional sources.

In this regard, we believe it is essential to provide the energy system with efficient technologies that enable generation with zero CO2 emission sources to be con- sidered manageable. The challenge in this area is permanent and investment in R&D allows us to participate in cutting-edge developments in the sector.

We also have a significant portfolio of photovoltaic, terrestrial and floating, wind, reversible pumping, cogeneration, biogas and green hydrogen generation projects. We participate in energy and thermal efficiency improvement projects in the industrial sector, providing specific solutions according to the needs of our clients. And we have a variety of R&D&I projects that allow us to anticipate the technologies that will prevail in the future.

A promising future

We are convinced that the future of the sector in Andalusia is very promising. We can count on the climate, the development capacity of companies, innovation, which is becoming increasingly decisive, the commitment of the public administrations and the value of public investment. And finally, something very important: the new possibilities for public-private collaboration, thanks to the various programmes included in this Green Agenda.

We are sure that the development of latest generation renewable energies in Andalusia will demonstrate that this change in the production model brought about by the energy transition will increase productivity, create quality employment and provide added value.

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