‘At Magtel we are digital’


‘At Magtel we are digital’

‘At Magtel we are digital’

Martín Salgado Devincenzi

Managing Director of Magtel

Interview with Martín Salgado Devincenzi, Magtel Managing Director, for the journal Actualidad Económica

The company’s target is to bring the most efficient tech solutions to customers and handle business challenges via a commitment to innovation, sustainability and the development of human teams, anticipating changes to achieve excellence.

– The concept of digital transformation is very trendy. How does your company understand it?

– Digital transformation is the change process that arises from handling challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities created by digital technologies: 5G communications, artificial intelligence, blockchain and augmented reality, to name just a few.

At Magtel, we define it through transformation projects and organisational change. Technology is a valuable tool, but it is a means, in the end, to achieve the sustainability of our business.

We improve our customers’ competitiveness, transforming their key business processes and incorporating the most suitable technologies, as well as managing their auxiliary processes.

We want to grow together with our customers and collaborators, providing effective and efficient solutions for their businesses.

– What experience does Magtel have in digital transformation development projects?

-Magtel makes a significant contribution to the construction and maintenance of the country’s main communication infrastructures. Each year, we design and construct over 150,000 homes employing FTTH, activating a further 250,000 services. We have also executed important projects internationally related to rolling out fibre optic networks.

In the framework of the second digital dividend, we are working to shift digital terrestrial television services towards other bandwidths on the radioelectric spectrum to facilitate the initial rollouts of 5G mobile communication networks.

However, within our catalogue of services, our capabilities are particularly noteworthy in the area of business process modelling and automation based on the de-facto BPMN standard, as well as the application of process mining techniques (branch of artificial intelligence) to detect bottlenecks, regulatory noncompliances and process optimisation.

Finally, I would like to highlight our experience in providing technical assistance services, centred on large corporate telecommunication networks, as is the case of the corporate telecommunication network of the Regional Government of Andalusia, which interconnects over 11,000 central offices, a key feature for the modernisation of the public administrations.

– How do you visualise the future?

-At Magtel, we made a deep commitment to innovation in the main enabling technologies for digital transformation, executing ambitious R&D&i projects to evaluate their application potential in our customers’ activity sectors.

I would like to highlight our augmented reality platform to support the OSS/BSS systems of telecommunication operators (RA-TELECOM), the distributed control solution via IoT communications for Industry 4.0 (OPTIMUM), our blockchain-based platform for the management of identity, reliability and traceability of goods and services transactions (SERVICECHAIN), the development of a new app integration model for Smart Cities to improve public services (RISC), and the therapy solution of robot-assisted maintenance for patients affected by spinal injuries and cerebrovascular accidents (THERABOT).

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