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Proyecto Séneca

Proyecto Séneca
  • > UTE: joint venture BOP Séneca (Magtel-Engie)
  • > Typology: Execution of the 50 MW Seneca photovoltaic solar plant
  • > Location: Palma del Río (Córdoba)
  • > Power: 50 MW

Proyecto Séneca

Magtel has participated as part of the joint venture BOP Séneca (Magtel-Engie), in the integral management of the project for the execution of the 50 MW Séneca photovoltaic solar plant in the municipality of Palma del Río (Cordoba).

The company has been involved in the coordination of the engineering, construction and commissioning work for the evacuation line and the substation expansion.

As a member of the joint venture, Magtel has implemented project monitoring and management procedures, especially in the purchasing and contracting processes, resources, planning and progress of work, as well as in the control and assurance of quality, prevention and environment.

The necessary studies and the complete detailed engineering design of the plant have been carried out. Besides, Magtel has executed the entire electrical installation of the solar field, MV and LV lines, installation and configuration of the combiner box, including the implementation stage of the installation, evacuation lines and the foundations of the ITS.

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