Nuestros Proyectos

Nuestros Proyectos


  • > Líder: Roessingh Research and Development (The Netherlands)
  • > Socios: Magtel Operaciones SLU (Spain); Macrosad (Spain); Zerintia Technologies (Spain); CiTARD Services Ltd (Cyprus); University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
  • > Cofinanciación: CDTI - EUREKA (Eurostars-2 Programme)



Acronym: FRAIL

Full title: Interventions on frailty and ageing risks for elderly people based on ICT tools

Frailty is a complex syndrome of increased vulnerability and reduced functional reserve associated with the ageing process, chronic conditions, and modulated by life course events, social and psychological factors. Its high reversibility demands personalized interventions on the scenario of each user, mainly focused on exercise programs. People in this situation are in need of constant monitoring in relation to the progress of their health and the continuity and regulation of treatment, but sometimes they lack the continuous support of a formal caregiver. To attend these needs, FRAIL team project will develop a platform consisting in an interoperable, secure and open solution to empower pre-fragile and fragile citizens through a non-intrusive sensing of activity and environmental conditions in the home context. FRAIL platform will be a suite of 3 elements: a personal and home sensing system, an intervention system for care professionals, and a gamification system for physical exercise devoted to elderly people. These elements will be delivered separately or combined to support the treatment of frailty conditions.


What will be improved?

The combination of smart sensing technologies with gamification software and social support services, all of them adapted to the needs of the frail older persons and well-taught, will allow FRAIL platform to improve its users quality of life, health and well-being. The solution addresses diverse features of frailty care (i.e., citizen assessment, monitoring of home and personal conditions, social support, tools for professionals, etc.) to reduce risk factors and increase factors that protect health throughout the life course. FRAIL can be adapted to current healthcare systems in Europe, by facilitating the technical adaptation to local settings.

Who will benefit?

  • People aged between 65 and 80 years old, with already diagnosed pre-frail episodes or at high risk of having one in a short term
  • Caregivers, both formal and informal, who can’t provide a continuous support to elder
  • Companies dedicated to the management of residences for the elderly, Units Day Stay and nursery schools

Expected achievements

  • About 750.000 people can benefit from this project in the three participating countries, with up to 8.000.000 potential users in all Europe
  • Real Time, personalized and continuous healthcare support
  • An active communication between the elder and their formal and informal caregivers
  • A real engaging solution to help the elder at an affordable price
  • 2 pilot studies involving real users and caregivers from Andalusian nursery homes
  • 1 online platform integrating three different solutions, whose singular effectiveness has already been tested in the market


6 Partners

3 Countries

Start date: 01 September 2017

End date: 31 August 2020

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