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  • > Location: Torredonjjimeno (Jaén, Spain)
  • > Power: 10MW
  • > Promoter: Magtel Renovables
  • > Technology: Biomass
  • > Net production of electrical energy: 72,000 MWh/year


Bioliva is a biomass technology project that seeks to generate clean energy by using natural waste, such as olive tree cuttings and kernels.


The uniqueness of this initiative lies in the fact that the biomass plant will produce energy by using natural waste as its main fuel, while presenting itself as a 100% manageable project capable of generating energy 24 hours a day without changing the electrical system and also helping to stabilise it.

Its location is earmarked for Jaén province, 3 kilometres from the locality of Torredonjimeno.


This project is estimated to create around 200 jobs, both direct and indirect, in the latter case linked to the logistics of biomass and the rural development of the zone.


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