Magtel: 30 years innovating technology

Magtel: 30 years innovating technology - Magtel

The company stages event to mark its anniversary with +600 employees

Magtel had two reasons to celebrate: firstly, its 30th anniversary, marked with an event in Cordoba attended by more than 600 employees. Secondly, the Foundation awards ceremony, held on the same day and strengthened by 174 nominations — three times as many as those of the last series. Four projects were awarded for innovation leading to a better world.

The anniversary celebration, in which Magtel employees took a prominent role, revolved around the company’s present and future, digitalisation, and ongoing projects in various industries. Senior management emphasised the work of a +650-strong, multidisciplinary staff that strives to offer added value to its clientele, among which are Spain’s leading companies and public administrations. It was also noted that the company generates over 1000 indirect jobs.

Magtel set up shop in 1989 in Posadas, home of the founding López Magdaleno brothers. As of 2018, it reported a turnover of €91.8 million. Magtel has been known since 1990 to diversify its operations by driving its presence into emerging industries and to get projects and services kitted up with the latest technologies. It has always remained committed to sustainable development, continuous professional development, and quality processes. Its fields of expertise are energy, environmental, infrastructure, telecommunications, railways, and mining.

Magtel president, Mario López Magdaleno, who attended the event, said the company had been known to always look to the future and to play a leading role in industries they regard as emerging. He added: “Our business growth has been closely tied to innovation and technology, but also to social responsibility and a commitment to growing in a sustainable fashion.

Milestones in fibre optics and renewables  

The company recently passed a number of milestones. First, it reached 850 km of fibre optics deployed in Andalusia as a neutral operator project, declared in 2011 “business investment of strategic interest” for that region. Second, it redoubled engineering services rendered in the renewables industry by managing more than 40 projects exceeding 2,000 MW in aggregate. Third, its Civil Engineering Division reported a solid performance from implementing rehabilitation system #RehabNoDig; this is an automated UV light system routed in pipelines with no digging required.

At the event, round tables were held chaired by Magtel vice-president, Juan Luis López Magdaleno. Contributions made in these summed up the company’s accomplishments in its fields of expertise. The VP said: “At Magtel there is no room for production frameworks devoid of milestones, we carry this in our DNA.” The event was also an opportunity to present the keys to and the progress made in digitisation, an aspect the company remains strongly committed to. Magtel VP, Isidro López Magdaleno, stressed the importance of the values and ethos of the company: “We have a deeply-rooted vision both in terms of designing sustainability-based economic frameworks and achieving a balanced development with human communities and the environment, thereby ensuring a cleaner, more comfortable world for generations to come.” At this point, the company reiterated its commitment to developing policies on equal opportunities at work and highlighted the tools developed internally to achieve just that.

Among the challenges that lie ahead of Magtel are bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to all industries it operates in; assuming a prominent role in decarbonisation of the energy framework via self-consumption and management and storage of renewable energy; and holding the lead in telecommunications by actively engaging in the switchover to 5G.

Another topic discussed at the event was the recent Eco Raíl inrush into the high speed railways sector and the role it played in the award of service contracts for the Spanish high-speed train network (AVE).

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