‘In renewables, we are focusing on energy storage’


‘In renewables, we are focusing on energy storage’

‘In renewables, we are focusing on energy storage’

Martín Salgado Devincenzi

Managing Director of Magtel

Andalucía Económica interviews the managing director of Magtel, Martín Salgado Devincenzi 

– In 2019, your company turnover was 102.90 million euros with 692 workers and, in 2020, 116.30 million and 770 employees, meaning it has grown in both areas. How were these good results achieved in such a tough year?

Firstly, thanks to the hard work of all the professionals at Magtel. Without their involvement, it wouldn’t have been possible. Companies are made up of people who, when they perform tasks deemed essential in a new context such as now, highlight how valuable their commitment is and our identity as a company. Secondly, our level of process digitalisation and automation has given us essential support internally. These technologies have enabled our fast and efficient action when responding to the demands of our projects, upholding high levels of quality and excellence. Thirdly, the diversification of our portfolio of activities and services. Being specialists in renewable energies, energy efficiency, digital transformation, industrial automation and infrastructure project execution has increased the company’s value due to their being sectors that are important for economic recovery. Lastly, the contributing companies that have worked hand-in-hand with us during this period have been fundamental in obtaining these achievements.

– How has Covid affected them? 

It has been a real challenge and we’ve had to handle new situations, adapt in order to keep our commitments and respond to our customers’ needs that arose. These challenges have led to our excelling professionally and, clearly, improving as an organisation, exceeding our expectations.

– What percentage of total turnover comes from each area?

Our lines of business are balanced in our different action areas. Some 25% is from telecommunication and fibre optic deployments; 20% to engineering; some 17% from renewable energies; 15% from digital transformation; 14% from environment; and some 9% from the industrial sector, primarily mining and railway.

– What weight does the company’s internationalisation represent?

Due to the pandemic, our international business shrunk in 2020, but we are working with opportunities that arise in EU countries to develop telecommunication infrastructures as a consequence of the interconnection deficit present. Improving our degree of internationalisation is set out in our strategic targets.

– Today, digital transformation is one of companies’ main goals. Where is Magtel situated on this point?

Digital transformation represents an opportunity for young people to enter the job market with development options. It is one of our mainstays on which we have been working for over 20 years with a well-established customer portfolio. However, we must keep advancing quickly and with determination, committing to training our professionals, strengthening alliances with collaborators and technologists to remain ahead and at the avant-garde of changes and, thus, be able to provide solutions that produce greater value for our customers.

‘Digital transformation represents an opportunity for young people to enter the job market with development options’

– Andalusia is experiencing a resurgence in renewable energies and Magtel is one of its promoters. What is your vision for this sector?

With regard to renewable energies, we have over 15 years of experience and have participated in a wide range of implementations in Spain in practically all the technologies on the market. Now the focus is on energy storage, employing all available technologies, as their manageability represents the big challenge for replacing conventional sources. It is essential to equip the energy system with efficient technologies that make producing with zero CO2 emission sources manageable. The challenge in this area is permanent and R&D investments mean that we can be involved in state-of-the-art developments in the sector.

We have a significant portfolio of ground and floating photovoltaic, wind, reverse pumping, cogeneration, biogas and green hydrogen generation projects. We participate in projects to optimise energy and thermal efficiency in the industrial sector, providing specific solutions depending on each customer’s needs. And we also have a variety of R&D projects so that we can anticipate the technologies that will prevail in the future.

With regard to digital transformation, we organise our projects around three sets of solutions: Services to improve customers’ IT infrastructures, especially centred on corporate communication networks, data centres and control centres; smart services, designed to improve operational efficiency (process re-engineering and digitalisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT networks and services, energy efficiency and cybersecurity); and project office services, technical assistance and customer service centres.

The future of the sector in Andalusia is extremely promising due to the climate, business development, innovation and the value of public investments – as well as public-private partnership possibilities – owing to the recovery programmes that have focused on green energies and digital transformation. I am sure that Andalusia will make a commitment to last-generation renewables to prove that this change in production model will create quality jobs and provide added value.

– CSR is now a maxim for companies. What does Magtel do in this area?

Absolutely key. Our diversification ensures that we contribute to the UN SDG for the 2030 Agenda. Our management systems implemented are aligned with sustainability and we are completely immersed in reducing our carbon footprint. We also foster social and labour integration through our Training Area, creating opportunities, especially digitally based, and we apply innovation to social solutions such as Terapiam, a device for our foundation that – along with the R&D&I Division – contributes to enhancing the mobility of patients through augmented reality, gamification… Through the Magtel Foundation, we also drive initiatives to develop and improve people’s quality of life and the quality of the environment through actions aimed at social and labour integration, social and tech innovation and social action.

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