Four projects for Magtel’s pledges on renewables and energy management

Four projects for Magtel's pledges on renewables and energy management - Magtel

The company leads the way with new advances in photovoltaic energy generation, solar thermal energy, energy storage, and smart energy management

Magtel displays its commitment to renewables by leading four projects expected to contribute to a more sustainable future, thus taking an active role in the green transition and the decarbonisation of our economy. The company, along with technological partners, began constructing several scientific facilities two years ago to jointly develop and validate new technologies through an open innovation framework.

Among those facilities is a 53,800 sq ft (5,000 sq m) test plant, located at company’s HQ in Seville, where Magtel steers new advances in photovoltaic energy (PV) generation, solar thermal energy (STE), energy storage, and smart energy management.

R&D&I Division general manager, David Díaz, pointed out that transitioning to a green economy and decarbonisation was a global objective which we all had to make our minds around. He said the goal was to develop and pick out technologies, as well as designing, building, operating, and maintaining renewable energy plants on a big scale. However, he advocated giving small- and medium-sized consumers a chance to cut on their energy bills by providing them with all this knowledge via renewables generation and storage options at home or the office. That is precisely “what Magtel is putting forward through power marketer Arsus.”

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development is held as part of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda. It means to introduce engineering and technological projects that advance goals set by the UN Sustainable Development Plan.

Four projects are being developed at the same time at Seville’s plant, located in Aerópolis Technological Park. Dragon, where Magtel partners up with European companies NawaTechnologies and Almatech, is an innovation project looking to design a new smart energy management and storage system.

It aims at devising a more versatile, robust and durable system that can be applied to transport, smart grids, etc. In particular, Magtel is in charge of designing a smart, reliable system that houses both the hybrid storage module and the renewable energy generation system, with capability to manage the whole facility and energy in an efficient, automated manner.

Project “In power” is about technically and financially optimising PV and STE generation via multiple solutions (selected coatings, new structural materials, etc.). This helps cut energy production costs without compromising efficiency.

Project “Solarblue” comprises a PV-based cogeneration plant. Energy is derived from selective light filters that allow visible radiation to flow through areas where the PV cell is efficient and divert the remainder towards thermal use.

Harnessing solar energy

Project “Hit Solar” revolves around energy management and ways of optimising energy usage, while factoring in production, storage and consumption, as well as efficiently matching generation with demand.

Chief among its objectives is making the most of the available generation and storage capabilities via a data analytics-based control system and IoT distributed architectures.

Apart from participating in these initiatives—funded by the European Commission through the Multiregional Operative Plan for Spain, Eurostars programme, and Horizon 2020—, Magtel is working on PV plant promotion. It focuses on Spanish locations showing suitable solar radiation conditions, wind and hydropower prospects, and an enormous potential for development, with plans to begin production in the next five years. Projects like these approach clean energy generation from a manageable point of view, and feature several energy storage options by design that enable generation to adjust to demand at any time.

Magtel is a Spanish tech company with 30 years’ experience in innovative design, building, and maintenance solutions for the energy, environment, infrastructure, telecommunications, mining, and railway industries.

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